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Need Based Financial Assistance Application

We are accepting applications for need-based financial assistance to help interested students and families participate in the competition.

Applications will be accepted from April 1 through May 10, and will be reviewed by an internal committee. Families will be notified by May 15 if they have been selected to receive this scholarship. If you wish to apply for more than 1 child, please fill out multiple applications.

If you are a chamber ensemble wishing to apply for assistance, please contact the CFAS office at [email protected]

  • Teacher Information

    CFAS may contact your private teacher for a recommendation when being considered for this scholarship
  • Student Application

    The following questions should be answered by the student applicant, although we understand that younger children will need assistance with this process.
  • Parent/Guardian Input

    The following questions should be answered by a parent/guardian:
  • This field is for grant reporting purposes only and will NOT be taken into account when considering your application.
  • Supporting Materials

    You may send any additional files you wish to support your application to [email protected] Please be sure to include the student's name (Last name, First name) in the subject line of the email. Example: Doe, Jane Financial Assistance Application