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The history of CFAS has been a true “American Dream” success story, beginning when Barbara Tiao, a Shanghai native who fled the country in 1949, eventually settled in Chicago in 1984. She established herself as a piano teacher and a “cultural ambassador,” sharing her beloved culture with other students and the surrounding community. This passion was Barbara’s inspiration to start the Chinese Fine Arts Society. Barbara passed away in 2008, having realized her dream: an organization that has bloomed into a professional entity in Chicago’s artistic scene.

Our Mission 

Founded in 1984, the Chinese Fine Arts Society (CFAS) is dedicated to promoting the appreciation of Chinese culture, enhancing cultural exchange and pursuing excellence in Chinese music, dance and visual arts.

For over 30 years, the Chinese Fine Arts Society has been a leading champion of Chinese culture in Chicago. Dedicated to promoting cultural exchange and pursuing excellence in Chinese music, dance, and visual arts since its founding in 1984, CFAS brings people together from diverse backgrounds through a common passion for traditional and contemporary Chinese arts.

Our Programs 

Since our founding, CFAS has established itself with widely attended and critically acclaimed cultural events in various venues throughout Chicagoland. Our core programming consists of three interconnected programs: Main Stage Events, Young Artist Development, and Community Engagement, which work together to achieve our mission and to provide significant opportunities for Illinois-based artists.